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About Us

We're Tom and Janelle Hartman and we live for our poodles! We’re in the process of retiring (Janelle has already) and decided these amazing dogs will be part of what occupies our lives as we move into the job-free population.  We bought a home on 40 acres, in Brewster Washington, and have transitioned from suburbia to peace and quiet on our budding homestead!  Photos from the “hill” are throughout our poodle pages, because, like our dogs, it’s become what we live and breathe. 


We had our foundation litter in May 2020, between Kaya and our silver stud Ottawa (Otto). They made gorgeous puppies, and we have puppy owners scattered around Washington, New Mexico, and Texas! By chance, 3 out of 8 puppies were placed as service and emotional support prospects, which is truly remarkable for our first litter. We hope to continue to produce adaptable puppies/dogs in the future and hope our learning experiences will assist in that endeavor.

We are as real as it gets, and as transparent as we would expect others to be. We raise our dogs in our home. They sleep with us, lay on our furniture, and make messes like any other dog.  They each have unique personalities that keep us laughing, crying, and, perpetually, head-over-heels in love. 

We hope that we can be part of your future, and partner with you to find the right puppy/dog for you and your family.

Our Vision

As owner/breeders of standard poodles, we strive to be conscientious, honest, transparent, and relatable.  We promise to try to produce healthy puppies, and work hard to ensure they're well-adjusted and ready for many different walks of life.  Our goal is to intuitively pair you with the right puppy for companionship, assistance, sporting, or simply enjoying throughout their lifetime. 

Our Guarantee

A standard poodle will change your life!

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