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Harmony's Arlow Treasured Legacy of Kaya

Call Name - Arlow

We were fortunate to get this boy. We were devastated after losing the ability to carry on Kaya's pedigree and continue sharing her intuitive qualities. Kaya's sire is Arlow's grand sire.  Arlow is smart, social, easy going, and loyal.  He is service-oriented and intuitive.  He earned his CGC August 28th, 2022, and is currently acting in an ESA capacity.  
IMG_3352 (2).JPG
IMG_3337 (2).JPG
Arlow's testing is complete.  PennHip is great, heart is normal, eyes are normal.  Genetic testing is done via UC Davis Better Bred and Embark.    CHIC number 177030

PennHip Arlow

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