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Freya x Otto Litter April 21st, 2023

Home with his Family:  BANDIT (Blue Collar Male) - Silver.  Was born with silver on chin, white on top back feet, and white hairs on pads of feet.  Face is already clearing at 5 weeks.  "Bandit" - he stole their hearts!  Bandit will be training for mobility assist.

blue collar Boy 5-12.jpg
Blue Collar Collage 4-23-2023.jpg

Went home with her family:  FIONNA (FIFI) Pink Collar Female - Silver.  We're calling her Fionna - paying tribute to her grandsire who retired this year.  From the UK he is called "Bisous Finn McCool" (Finn).  Look up the legend of Finn McCool...  Finn has sired many silver puppies, namely our Ottawa.   Fionna is laid back and still social.  She was born with silver on chin, and white hairs on pads of feet. 

UPDATE:  Below is Fionna at 17 weeks.

Fionna 17 weeks.1.jpg
Pink Collar photos 5-10.jpg
Pnk Collar Collaage 04-23-2023.jpg

Went home with his family  JACQUES Grey Collar Male - Silver.  This little guy was only 2 days old and he was lifting himself up and walking while I was trying to photograph!  Current heavyweight champion of both of our litters.

UPDATE: 8-19-23 - Jacques is the poster boy for Otto sized boys!  At his rate of growth he will surpass Ottawa.  At 16 1/2 weeks he weighed 37.6 pounds. He's outpacing his papa in weight gain.  Ottawa was around 30 pounds at his age!

Jacques 17 weeks.jpg
Grey Collar Jaque 5-12-2023.jpg
Jaque collage 4-23-2023.jpg

Went home with his family  LOUIS (Purple Collar Male) - Silver.  Born with a sliver of white on chest, silver on chin, white hairs on pads of feet, and lighter on bridge of nose.

Below Louis 17 weeks:

Louis 17 weeks..4.jpg
Purple Collar Boy 5-12.jpg
Purple Collar Boy collage 4-23.jpg
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