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Ally x Otto Litter April 15th, 2023

WHICH PUPPIES ARE VAILABLE?  2 black males, 1 black female, and one apricot male.  

AVAILABLE  Purple Collar Male - Black/possible blue.  This boy has a voice.  He's fun to listen to.  He's not afraid of anything and is very social.  He will be close to Ally size - 40lbs (+/-).

purple collar photos 5-12-23.jpg
Purple Collar Collage 4-23-2023.jpg

AVAILABLE  Green Collar Male - Black  05-07-2023:  Barked at our biggest "big dog", Bentley, when he entered the puppy area today.  Good job Green Boy!  

green collar recent.jpg
Green Collar Boy Collage 05-14-2023.jpg
Green Collar Boy Collage 4-23-2023.jpg

AVAILABLE  Black Collar Male - Apricot.  Independent, but still social, and easy to handle.  He's somewhat vocal.  Comfortable when he's out alone with our big dogs.  He will be a great companion for someone as he is (from what we can see biddable but not fearful.

Black Collar boy 5-13.jpg
Black collar boy ally 4-23-2023.jpg

AVAILABLE  Yellow Collar Female - Black.  Yellow came out of her shell and has become a social butterfly.

YEllow collar girl 05-13-23.jpg
yellow collar girl Collage 4-23-2023.jpg

RESERVED  Blue Collar Male - light Apricot.  He is comfortable being social but can also be found off by himself.  He doesn't mind being handled and is comfortable around the big dogs. 

blue collar boy 5-14.jpg
Blue Collar ally collage 4-23-2023.jpg

RESERVED  Red Collar Male - Apricot - vocal and independent.  Holds the heavyweight record of this litter.  Knows what he wants and will tell you!  This boy is social with the other puppies and has no fear being around our big dogs.  He is calm when being held and doesn't fuss a lot when grooming.  Stands out from the pack. $1950

red collar boy 5-14.jpg
red collar photo 5-6.jpg
red collar boy 4-23-2023.jpg

Reserved  Pink Collar - Apricot sweetheart.  1st born and 1st pick!  Bonnie has 

her full tail and dew claws.  We can do this if you're first in line to choose and 

puppy is chosen within 24 hours of whelping.  Bonnie is social and sometimes 

vocal. Even temperament so far.

pink collar girl 5-14.jpg
Pink Collar Bonnie Collage 4-23-2023.jpg
Pink Collar Girl 4-17-23 web.1.jpg

Reserved  White Collar - Cream Male - Breeder's Choice.  Cool and still social, loves to cuddle.  Adapts well to new experiences.  

White Collar Cream Collage 4-23-2023.jpg
Collage WhiteCollar Boy.jpg
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