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Ally x Otto Litter April 11th, 2021

SOLD!  Yellow Collar Girl - Born black with a tiny bit of white hair on the bottom of one paw.  We believe she will remain black but could possibly be a blue. Interactive but mellow at the same time.  Appropriate collar color (mellow yellow).

Yellow collar update photos 6-8.jpg
yellow collar girl.jpg
Yellow Collar Shave .jpg

SOLD! Red Collar Boy - Born black with silver hairs on the bottom of his feet.  Alert and doesn't seem afraid to attempt new things. Could end up blue or silver. He doesn't mind being alone, but loves to get involved with puppy shenanigans.  UPDATE:  This puppy is fearless and a problem solver.  If you need to be sprung from jail he'll be the first to figure it out!  He loves to play with the puppies but loves to interaction with his humans too. 

Red Collar Face Shave.jpg
Red Collar Boy.jpg
Red Collar Boy.jpg

SOLD! Grey Collar Boy - Apricot but could lighten. He also has some darker hair near his nose and white on his chin.  He's very participatory but also a watcher. He looks for us and loves to be loved.  His appearance is much like his momma and he will be petite in stature.  UPDATE:  This little guy has stolen my heart.  He was the smallest of the litter but isn't behind in any other way.  He loves his people and would be great for someone who loves to cuddle their dogs.  He follows me around when I'm doing chores outside and was the first of the puppies to ride in the side x side.  What a love!

Grey Collar Face Shave.jpg
Grey Collar Boy.jpg
Squirt for sale.jpg

SOLD!  Blue Collar Boy - Born black with tiny white mark on chest. Has silver hairs on the bottom of his feet.  Could end up blue or silver. He has come out of his quiet stage - He's participatory and loves to be loved. He seems to be a follower.  

SOLD! Pink Collar Girl - Apricot with white on her feet and chest.  Annie has moved to 2nd in size behind Black Collar Boy.  She is loving and mellow, but also participatory in puppy play.  

Blue Collar Shave Face.jpg
Blue Collar Boy.jpg

SOLD! Black Collar Boy - His color is hard to explain. He's creamy tan with black points (nose and pads). He's a watcher and beginning to use is vocal talents to talk to me like Otto does.  It's uncanny how much he reminds us of Otto in both stature and nature. 

Dandy almost 2.JPG
Dandy 4-11-2021.jpg
Black Collar Shave Face.jpg
Pink Collar Annie Face Shave.jpg
Pink Collar Girl.jpg

SOLD!  Lavender Collar Girl - Born black with  silver hairs on the bottom of her feet; she's is likely to turn silver.  She's first to do most things and loves attention. Very agile.  Her nose is to the ground when we're outside (possibly more scent oriented) and is interested in everything around her.

Lavender face shave.jpg
Lavender Collar Girl.jpg
Black Collar Boy.jpg
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