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Harmony Hill's Freya of Horsetooth

Freya is our beautiful silver party girl.  She's 2 years, 52 pounds, and 25.5 inches.   She is a great match for our boys and will produce larger puppies (50-70 as adults). Freya is fearless.  This girl is wicked smart and will go up against our largest dogs and play until they're exhausted. We are excited that she is has developed a softer side, and she is sensitive to her humans.  She is definitely a momma's girl, wanting to be close to me at all times.  She has brown eyes with a golden sparkle that are striking up against her black eyeliner.    

"Freya" is a Norse Goddess in charge of love, fertility, battle, sex, and war.  This is such a fitting explanation for Freya.  

freya for web.jpg
freya 7-10-22.jpg
Freya 6 months.jpg
Freya Photo Collage.jpg
Freya 11 weeks.jpg

Testing:  Freya's genetic results are awesome.  Her Canine Health Check is clear, and her Better Bred report is just as good!  Eyes and Heart clear, and her PennHip score is 31/34.  OFA CHIC Certified.

Freya Canine Health Check

Freya Better Bread - UC Davis

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