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Harmony Hill's Freya of Horsetooth

Freya is a beautiful bigger girl.  She's 13 months, 51 pounds, and 25 inches.  We think she may be done growing.  She will be a great match for our boys and they may have the ability to produce some "royal" sized puppies.  Freya is fearless.  This girl is wicked smart and will go up against our largest dogs and play until they're exhausted. We are excited that she is starting to show her softer side in the past few months.  She seeks affection far more often; crawling in my lap and falling asleep. She's beautiful and has brown/golden eyes that are striking up against her black eyeliner.  She will clear to silver and white parti..  

"Freya" is a Norse Goddess in charge of love, fertility, battle, sex, and war.  This is such a fitting explanation for Freya.  

freya 7-10-22.jpg
Freya 6 months.jpg
Freya Photo Collage.jpg
Freya 11 weeks.jpg

Testing:  Freya's genetic results are awesome.  Her Canine Health Check is clear, and her Better Bred report is just as good!  She completed her eye and heart exams in October and she is free of any issues.  We will get another heart exam at a year so it will count towards her OFA CHIC. She had PennHip done November 20th and she got a glowing report.  She is a 31/34. 

Freya Canine Health Check

Freya Better Bread - UC Davis

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