Lena - Harmony's Selene Of The Night

Lena is almost 2 years old.  She has great conformation and she's amazingly beautiful.  At 23" and 40 pounds she's a perfect little package with a firecracker personality.  When the dogs are riled up, you can bet she is the instigator.  Conversely she is momma's girl and stuck to me at night like an extension of my leg. She's smart as a whip, and is showing a more intuitive side as she matures.  She's a caretaker and took over caring for Kaya's puppies when she was only 7 months old.  We are so excited to see her have a litter in the future; we know she'll be an amazing momma dog!  

Lena's name has meaning. Selene is a goddess of the moon.  She drives her chariot across the heavens at night....


Lena's testing is complete:  Genetic poodle panel normal/clear.  Eyes - Normal, Heart - Normal.  Prelim hip x-rays - good. Lena will have final hip x-rays in Fall of 2021 to get her CHIC qualification.