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Lena x Bentley Litter November 8th, 2021

ADOPTED Pink Collar Girl - Black & White Parti.  She is independent but plays well with all the puppies. So far, mellow energy-wise. 

Pink Collar Girl 11-29-2021.jpg
Pink Collar Girl.jpg
pink collar 11-20-21.jpg

ADOPTED Green Collar Boy - Solid Black with tiny amount of white hairs on bottom of feet.  He is the largest of the boys and super mellow.  Can I just sleep instead of get photos?

Green Collar Boy 11-29-2021.jpg
Green Collar Boy.jpg
Green Collar Boy 11-20-21.jpg

ADOPTED Blue Collar Boy - Born black with arrow shaped white spot on chest.  He was first to use a potty pad and announced when he did for a while.  He's since stopped announcing, become more independent, and loves to be cuddled.

Blue Collar Boy 11-29-21.jpg
Blue Collar Boy 11-20-21.jpg
Blue Collar Boy.jpg

ADOPTED Purple Collar Boy - Born black with tiny white mark on chest. Tom nicknamed him "Stash" after he immediately latched on and got milk on his face.  This boy is so sweet and one of the first to approach and interact with me when I go near their area.

Purple Collar Boy 12-09-2021.jpg
Purple Collar Boy 11-29-21.jpg
Purple Collar Boy.jpg
Purple Collar Boy 11-20-21.jpg

ADOPTED Poppy/Reddish Collar Girl - Black with a small white strip on her chest.  She is largest girl and always vying for 1st or 2nd heaviest of the whole litter.  She's independent and alert, and plays well with all the puppies.

Poppy Collar Girl 11-29-2021.jpg
Poppy Collar Girl.jpg
Poppy Collar 11-20-21.jpg

ADOPTED Mint Collar Girl - Born black with white mark on chest and white on her back toes.  She's quiet but observant, easily handled and plays well with others. :-)

Mint Collar Girl 11-29-2021.jpg
Mint Collar Girl.jpg
Mint collar Gril 11-20-21.jpg

Adopted: No Collar Boy - Black with musical note shaped white mark on chest.  Nicknamed "Piano Man"   This boy is interactive and very approachable.  He likes interacting with humans and puppies!

No Collar Boy 11-29-2021.jpg
No Collar Boy.jpg
No Collar Boy 11-20-21.jpg

ADOPTED Yellow Collar Girl  - Parti black and white. Super sweet girl.  She is the smallest but holds her own with the rest of the puppies. 

Yellow Collar Girl 11-29-2021.jpg
Yellow Collar Girl.jpg
Yellow Collar Girl 11-21-2021.jpg

ADOPTED White Collar Boy - Black with white on his chin and dagger shaped white mark on chest.  He has a couple of white toes. as well.   Quiet but plays with all the puppies well - waiting for him to show me his personality a little more.

White Collar Boy 11-29-2021.jpg
White Collar Boy 11-21-21.jpg
White Collar Boy.jpg
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