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Our Studs

Our poodles are our life. We live to make them comfortable and happy. We are all they have and they depend on us for everything. They love us unconditionally and it is incumbent upon us, as dog owners, to give them the best life possible.  We look forward to meeting like-minded future puppy owners!

Otto snow.jpg

Family Affair’s Memories of Ottawa

Otto is our active stud.  He has sired 2 litters.  His genetic and health testing was done by the time he was a year old, and his personality was conducive to moving forward with breeding.  He is an amazing boy.  He comes from European lines, sturdy, strong, and thick, like the original working-dog/poodle.  We call him our “gentle giant”.  At 27” and 75 pounds he’s a big boy! 


Harmony's Bentley Our Tuxedo Dream

Bentley is our young black and white tuxedo stud.  He is fully tested and could stud anytime in the near future, however he’s just a year old and we would like to watch him mature for a while.  He’s very athletic, and has gorgeous structure and conformation.  And, he is BIG!  He is currently 27” and a lean, muscular 64 pounds.  His sire is 28” and 80 pounds, so we expect Bentley to grow a bit more.  


Harmony Hill's Dandelion

Dandy is a gorgeous boy sired by Otto with Ally.  We are excited to watch him grow with his owner/trainer.   We may use him for stud before he is altered. His growth rate seems to be on track to be a larger boy like Ottawa.


Harmony 's Arlow Treasured Legacy of Kaya

We were fortunate to get this boy. We were devastated by the loss of Kaya's ability to have puppies and wanted to continue sharing her lineage/attributes.  Kaya's sire is Arlow's grand sire, and we hope he develops some of her intuitive abilities.  Look for Arlow to stud in late 2022.  


In Memoriam



09/2009 to 05/2020

He set the bar!

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