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Kaya and Otto Litter - May 2020

In May 2020 we whelped our foundation litter.  Kaya (Our Treasured Kaya) and Otto (Family Affair's Memories of Ottawa) had 8 beautiful puppies; 5 females and 3 males.  All of them went to wonderful homes.  4 1/2 weeks after whelping Kaya became severely ill with pyometra.  She underwent an emergency spay to save her life. As the puppies were just beginning to wean, we had to immediately get them on solid food, and simultaneously take care of our recovering baby girl. We were amazed to see our 7 month old female (Lena) take over nurturing the puppies.  She was an amazing nanny and we believe she will eventually be an awesome momma to puppies of her own.  We couldn't have done it without her. Kaya is thriving now and we fondly refer to her as the "OG".

strike puppy.jpg
blues traveler.jpg
New Phototastic Collage Frida 6-12.jpg
grey collar 1.jpg
lucy 6-14.jpg
Frida 6-21-20.jpg

The last puppy photo on the bottom right above is white collar girl (now Frida).  She lives in Houston with her human mommy and daddy.  The photos below are recent of her growing up - about 7 months old.  The first photo below is showing her namesake on the wall.  

frame frida k.jpg
IMG_2979 resized.jpg
Friday Christmas.jpg
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