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Upcoming Litters

​Spring / Summer

May 5th 2022 Ally and Otto. We cream, apricot, and black

(silver or grey)  

Fall / Winter 2022

We're planning a late Fall/Early Winter** litter with Lena.  We aren't sure of stud yet., but are hoping Arlow will be ready by then. She should have Christmas or New Year puppies again.  

We're planning a late Winter litter with Freya.  We will know more on dates** as she progresses.  Her testing is all done and we're just waiting on her to grow and mature.  Freya is 24 inches and 55 pounds currently, so we're expecting her to be a big girl by next Winter.  

** Calculations based on dog breed average with heat cycles occurring every 6 months.  HHSP will update with more specific dates when they become  available.

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