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Our Girls

Our poodles are our life. We live to make them comfortable and happy. We are all they have and they depend on us for everything. They love us unconditionally and it is incumbent upon us, as dog owners, to give them the best life possible.  We look forward to meeting like-minded future puppy owners!

Harmony's Alejandra Our Lady in Red

Ally was a precious addition to our pack.  She is loving and loyal and very attached to us. 


Harmony's Selene Of The Night

Lena's name has some meaning. Selene is a goddess of the moon.  She drives her chariot across the heavens at night.

freya for web.jpg
Harmony Hill's Freya of Horsetooth

Freya is the youngest girl in our pack.   She's our silver parti girl!


Kaya - Retired

Our Treasured Kaya

The "OG".  She is our foundation female. She had our foundation litter but had to undergo an emergency spay to save her life.  She's hanging out mentoring the younger dogs. 

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