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Ally - Harmony's Alejandra Our Lady in Red

About Us

Ally is our gorgeous red/apricot girl.  She has very refined features and is our smallest girl at 22" and 40 pounds.   We added her to our family when she was 14 months old, and have allowed her to bloom, discovering her priceless personality along the way. 


We drove across the country to bring Ally home. She formed an immediate bond with Tom when he picked her up.  I met them 24 hours later and she slowly warmed up to me as we traveled from North Carolina to Washington State.  We drove the lower states, via the Grand Canyon (see photos).  Ally racked up 3800 miles while she taught us how to love her!


Ally is loyal, loving, and aims to please. She looks to us for direction but doesn't shy away from telling us what she needs.  She fits in with our pack and asserts her dominance when she feels it’s necessary.  Ally never has a bad day.  If she’s in trouble she simply crinkles up her nose, grins at you, and makes you laugh out loud!  She was a first-time mommy in April 2021 and has had two more litters in May of 2022, and May of 2023.

ally black frame.jpg
20200901_085653 (002).jpg
Ally and babies 4-18.jpg

Ally's testing is complete. Genetic poodle panel normal/clear. PENNHIP LDI=.35; RDI=.33, Eyes - Normal, Heart - Normal.  CHIC Qualified: 153537. 

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