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Bentley - Harmony's Bentley Our Tuxedo Dream

Bentley is our black and white tuxedo stud.  He’s very athletic, and has gorgeous structure and conformation.  And, he is BIG!  He is currently 27” and a lean, muscular 68 pounds. His sire is 28” and 80 pounds, so we think he may grow a bit more.  Some would consider him a "Royal" standard.  As a young male, Bentley still has a little of what we call “Tigger” energy. He has matured into a VERY loving boy; approachable, patient, loyal, playful, and attentive. He's currently proving his patience with our youngest girl and they will play for hours.  He goes to work with Tom every night and has won the hearts of men (literally).  He has a look in his eyes that will melt your heart.  


Bentley's testing is complete. His genetic poodle panel is clear.  His PennHip scores are Right DI = 0.38, Left DI = 0.49, Heart - Normal, Eyes, Normal.  CHIC number: 153532

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