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Ripley is as sharp as they come. She has learned so much and loves her training. Every one--and I mean everyone--that she has met comments on how well behaved she is. I adore her and the feeling is clearly mutual. She follows me everywhere. She isn't demanding of me, she just wants to lay down near me while I go about my business. I've never had such a strong bond with a dog before. She's smart, goofy, sweet, and loving. I couldn't ask for any more from her.

Janelle and Tom were fantastic to work with. They clearly love all of their dogs and puppies. I was glad to see that after looking into a couple of breeders who treat their puppies like nothing more than products to sell. I'm sure that the love, socialization, and puppy culture training that Ripley received are a big part of why she is so sweet and smart. I'm so grateful to Janelle and Tom for bringing Ripley and I into each other's lives! 


Tom & Janelle were a blessing when it came to Anakin who was born May 4th 2020.  They knew what my needs were as far as my health and in looking for a service dog.  Anakin has been on point and at 14 weeks already knows hand signals and German commands. Still a long way to so for SD training, but so on POINT at 14 weeks!!  He didn't even move for his 1st grooming.  My groomer was IMPRESSED 🐩 thanks again 

Harmony Hill Standard Poodles. 




Karde and Sam are never far apart.  Which means they are never far from me.  She still has her puppy coat, which is incredibly soft.  She's picking up the grays.  Her ears have a streak on the front like Sam.  In the wind it is really gray. I looked and it turns out the gray is on the inside of the ear.  She's also picking up a lot of browns. So I think she'll have the really cool mix of colors like Sam.  She has a perfect temperament.  Not much need for training.  She just does what Sam does. I'm very grateful to you for including her in my life.


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