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Otto - Family Affair's Memories of Ottawa


Otto is our proven silver stud.  His genetic and health testing was done by the time he was a year old, and his personality was conducive to moving forward with breeding.  He has sired several litters and we have placed 6 service/ESA prospects out of those litters.  Otto is an amazing boy.  He comes from European lines; sturdy, strong, and thick, like the original working-dog/poodle.  We call him our “gentle giant”.  At 27” and 70 pounds he’s a big boy!  He is loyal and loving, protective and gentle. He helped raise Lena, Bentley, and Freya.  He played with them for countless hours, locking jaws without hurting, and tolerating their rough play when they bit and pulled at his ears.  He is such a kind, gentle soul.  He’s emotional and intuitive, coming to our side when we’re upset or stressed.  We hope he’s able to lend his genetics for years to come, producing strong, intuitive puppies.

Otto 1-2021.jpg
Otto snow.jpg

Otto's testing is complete. Genetic poodle panel normal/clear. PENNHIP LDI=.34; RDI=.40, Eyes - Normal, Heart - Normal.  CHIC Qualified: 149142. 

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